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About Bon AppeGeek

Bon AppeGeek is a fun twist on a cooking show hosted by 3 friends, Rachel, Nora, and Jeremy. We are home cooks trying to bring  some of our favorite fandoms to life through creative and delicious recipes.


About the Geeks

When she’s not playing with her food Rachel can be found drawing, playing  games (video and tabletop - alll the games!), or going on adventures with Jeremy (her husband) and their dogs Jezebel and Gustopher. Her all time ultimate geeky pleasures are Firefly and old school video games. 


When not playing with her food Nora is playing D&D with friends, having 90s dance parties with her husband and son, and wrangling their kitten, Mr. Billy Whiskers. Her all time ultimate geeky pleasure is Buffy the Vampire Slayer… and Henry Cavill.

When not playing with his food Jeremy is dungeon mastering an Eberron campaign with vict...friends, paddleboarding with Rachel and generally overwhelmed with the amount of nerd content he wants to consume. His all time ultimate geeky pleasure is Final Fantasy (especially FFVI).

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